5 GCN Eurovision Douze Points Party Costume Ideas

A Eurovision Song Contestant wearing a gorgeous silver dress which could be a costume idea to wear to GCN's Eurovision Douze Points Party

Planning on heading to the GCN’s Eurovision Douze Points Party! this Saturday? Here are some iconic Eurovision Song Contest costume ideas


If you’ve got your ticket to GCN’s Eurovision Douze Points Party! already, you’re one of the lucky (read: obsessed) ones, which means you’ve probably already got your outfit picked out and ready for Saturday’s affair.

But if you’re slightly less organised and are still deciding on your costume, then here are some ideas to inspire you.


5. Lordi

Lordi's singer dressed with wings and demonic make-up which is one of the costume ideas for GCN's Eurovision Douze Points Party

The 2006 Eurovision Song Contest winners from Finland, Lordi are instantly recognisable to all Eurovision connoisseurs. With demonic flesh, a skeletal bone structure and ancient warrior themed outfits, this will be sure to catch people’s attention as you rock up to The Sugar Club.

Additional props to tie the look together include giant battle-axes (plastic please, we don’t want anyone’s head chopped off), giant wings, skull emblazoned belts and Finnish flags.


4. The Voice of Ireland

Eimear Quinn in a white dress standing in front of a microphone and a singer with a green cloak, both of which are costume ideas for GCN's Eurovision Douze Points Party

If you’re a natural blonde with luscious locks, or if you happen to have a Galadriel-esque blonde wig gathering dust in your wardrobe, then Eimear Quinn’s 1996 lewk is the costume for you!

You’ll need an elegant, figure-hugging, floor-length white frock carefully embroidered with Celtic designs (or your homemade version of one), and of course you’ll need to maintain a vacant expression while you speak/sing.

Bonus points if you can get your friends to dress up as the singer from the intro to 1994’s Riverdance interval act, who bears a striking resemblance to another female elf from Lord of the Rings with pale skin and a dark green cloak.


3. Lighthouse – Nina Kraljić

A woman wearing a giant black and white dress with a costume reveal on the right hand side which is one of the costume ideas for GCN's Eurovision Douze Points Party

If there’s one thing that has been proven time and again, it’s that the LGBT community love a good costume reveal! A reveal like Nina Kraljić’s at GCN’s Eurovision Douze Points Party! is the kind of thing that people would go mad for on online, which would be great for our social media challenge.



Now, we’re not saying that if you recreated this costume on Saturday you’d have a leg up in the social media challenge… but it certainly wouldn’t hurt you getting likes and shares!


2. Euphoria – Loreen

Loreen dancing in a chiffon jacket which is one of the costume ideas for GCN's Eurovision Douze Points Party

Alright, this costume is not exactly difficult to pull off. From your wardrobe/wig shelf, pull out a brunette/black wig with long fringe, a black jumpsuit and a flowing chiffon jacket and you’re ready to rock.

What will set you apart is learning the entire interpretive choreography to the Eurovision anthem, Euphoria. If you can’t manage that, practice switching between these elegant poses until you’re chandling your inner Loreen.


1. Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst wearing a white dress which is one of the costume ideas for GCN's Eurovision Douze Points Party

With Ms Wurst’s untimely demise announced earlier this year, now is the perfect time to dress as the LGBT icon and 2015 Eurovision Song Contest winner.

There are still a limited number of tickets available for GCN’s Eurovision Douze Points Party this Saturday in The Sugar Club at 7pm, so get yours now if you haven’t already.

So those are some costume ideas for Saturday’s . Are there more iconic outfits and performances you would like to see on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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