6 stabbed at Jerusalem Pride Parade


Six people attending Jerusalem’s annual Pride parade were stabbed yesterday afternoon by a man who had just been released from prison for carrying out a similar attack in 2005.


Police identified Yishai Schlissel, an ultra-Orthodox Jew, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for a similar attack on gay Pride marchers in 2005 and was released from prison three weeks ago.

A photographer captures the moment Yishai Schlissel reaches for his knife (photo: BBC)

Six marchers were injured during the attack, with two – one of whom is a 16 year-old girl – still in a “serious” condition in hospital.

Schlissel emerged behind marchers and began stabbing them while screaming, before being tackled by a police officer, reports BBC News. 

The parade continued after the wounded were taken to a hospital, with protesters chanting “end the violence”.

Schlissel runs at the crowd, screaming (photo: BBC)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to respond to news of the attack, calling it a “very serious incident”.

“We will find justice with the perpetrators. In the State of Israel the freedom of personal choice is one of the basic values we cherish. We must guarantee that in Israel, every man and women will live in safety in any way they choose,” he said in a statement.

Schlissel is apprehended by security officers (Photo: AP)

Security officers, who were out in force along the parade route, were widely criticised on social media last night when it was revealed that they were given intelligence reports and profiles of suspect individuals who could interfere with the parade.

Shlissel’s profile was included in the reports, reports Ynet News.


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