7 Supposedly Straight TV Characters who Dabbled with Dykes


Last week, Essex University published research which claims most women are either bisexual or gay but “never straight.” This week, we remember 7 supposedly straight female characters who shifted our expectations




1) Samantha Jones in Sex and the City

In series 4, the sex-crazed stud had a dalliance with Brazilian artist Maria. The pair met at an art gallery and when Maria admitted to fancying Samatha, Samatha gave lesbianism a lash. “Yes, ladies. I’m a lesbian,” she declared to her friends. Sadly, the relationship lasted just three episodes because Maria worried about Samatha’s intimacy issues.



2) Rachel Green in Friends

In The One With Rachel’s Big Kiss, Rachel revealed she’d shifted her housemate Melissa (Winona Ryder) during their senior year of college. When Rachel ran into Melissa years later in Central Park, the two agreed to meet up for dinner. Over the course of the evening, Melissa admitted to being in love with Rachel and memorably the night ended with a queer-resistible kiss (although mostly so Rach could prove she was wild enough to kiss a girl.)


3) Stella Gibson in The Fall

In the BBC drama, straight Stella lobs the gob on Detective Super Intendent Stella Gibson. After filming the  scene, Gillian Anderson sent a photograph of the embrace to her co-star,  Archie Panjabi, with the words, ‘Such fun we’ve had! Till next time…’

4) XENA in Xena Warrior Princess

For six years, producers built the tension between Xena and Gabrielle. There were shared beds, shared baths and lingering stares. Fans of the show speculated on forums and social media over the nature of their ‘friendship’. Their hopes were finally realised in the most-watched episode of the entire show. Sadly, at the time of the smooch, Xena’s spirit was trapped inside Autolycus’ body, and Gabrielle was actually only scoring the image of a resurrected Xena. Still the subtext was clear.

 5)Yvonne Doyle in Fair City

When Yvonne returned to Fair City in 2009, after two- years Downunder, she flabbergasted the residents of Carrigstown with news she was bisexual. Yvonne had been secretly having a relationship with a blonde babe named Connie. Sadly the course of love was turbulent for the pair. After to-ing and fro-ing, Yvonne and Connie planned to marry in Northern Ireland in summer 2010. However, the wedding was ultimately called off. Yvonne got pregnant by her former fella Paul and the baby ended up with Niamh Paul’s wife….

6) Ally and Ling in Ally McBeal

In 1999, in an episode entitled Buried Pleasures, Lucy Liu’s character Ling has an erotic dream about Ally. She tells Ally and the two flirt with the idea of having a sexual relationship with each other. After a few days of humming and hawing, they go on a date and end up scoring. Though both characters admitted they enjoyed the kiss, they concluded that what they really wanted out of a relationship was “a penis.”



7) Julia Salinger in Party of Five 


Before she made homo-headlines in Wild Things, Neve Campbell explored her bi-side in Party of Five. Julia had just ended her relationship with physically abusive boyfriend Ned when she fell for visiting English professor, Perry Marks. When Julie learnt Perry was a lesbian, it was only a matter of time before their lips locked.

Despite being one of the most dyk-onic scenes of the show, the producer John Romano was quick to insist that Julia is not a lesbian: “It’s almost wrong to call it a lesbian affair,” Romano said. “Julia isn’t harboring any secret lesbian feelings, and she doesn’t even think that way.”


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