Website Matches Girls with a gay best friend


Every Girl Needs A Gay, a website to match girls with new gay besties, will be launched in January.

“Whether looking for an online friendship or a fun fling, an occasional companion or a long-term relationship,” this website is apparently the place to find it.  

All you have to do is set up a profile, add a few snaps and videos, then scour other profiles looking for ‘mutual glitter’.
The site has genuine scientific basis behind his claims: “We have developed a sophisticated algorithm system with weighted quantitative measurements designed to match profiles that will result in bringing together those most compatible.” Impressive!
A post on the site claims that new research from the journal, Evolutionary Psychology suggests gay men and straight women share a special bond because of “their unique ability to provide clear-headed counsel regarding romantic relationships.” Wow.
Setting up a profile is free but, realistically, this phenomenal service couldn’t come without a price. If you wish to connect with the glitter of your dreams, you must upgrade. But swapping fashion tips, relationship nuggets and bitching about the gals costs a mere  $19,99 a month.
It’s a steal. Plus the pictures do show genuine gays having genuine fun with genuine girls.
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What’s more, these quotes from famous people, I’ve never heard of, speak for themselves.
‘We’re the boys who won’t break your heart,’ Rick Clemons. Author.

“They say that behind every great man is a greater woman. As a gay man, I’m an exception to this. You see, I have multiple greater women standing behind me,” Justin Huang – Writer. Film editor. Producer.

“For me women were a safe way to explore the world, offering relationships uncomplicated by sex. They were my “in” to relationships, teaching me how to build trust and make real connections with the objects of my affection. There should be a better name for this kind of friendship,” Lance Brister – Writer.
The site says they’re, ‘the first friend finder of its kind.’  We say, what took you so long?!
*Sadly, the website only permits heterosexual women to join.

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