Alabama Jails, Fines Minister For Performing Lesbian Wedding

anne diprizio alabama

Non-denominational minister Anne DePrizio has been sentenced to 30 days, six months probation, and $250 fine after refusing to stop a lesbian wedding in Alabama.


Anne Susan DePrizio, a non-denominational minister in Alabama, was sentenced to a 30 day suspended sentence for her stance on marriage. The minister performed a service for a lesbian couple in Pratville, Alabama, in February.

After a federal court ruled that Alabama’s same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional, the state’s top judicial officer, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, ordered probate judges to defy that ruling. So a majority were refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

DiPrizio conducted a marriage for two women at a probate judge’s office. When a local judge ordered her to stop, she defied him and obeyed the federal ruling. In turn, DiPrizio was arrested for disorderly conduct and jailed.

After her disorderly conduct arrest, DiPrizio paid $1000 to post bail, before returning to the judge’s office to continue the wedding.

Last week, Anne DiPrizio plead guilty to the charge of disorderly conduct and was fined $250, along with being handed down a 30-day suspended sentence.

This is an example of a religious official being discriminated against for her views on marriage, yet those who have feared this kind of treatment all along are suspiciously quiet. But, you know, it seems they only care about this kind of treatment if it is directed at someone who opposes marriage equality.

Good to know.

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