Outrage at Anti-Gay Marriage Leaflet Found in Belfast School

TFP Student Action

Students in a north Belfast School have protested after discovering a leaflet entitled “10 reasons why homosexual ‘marriage” is harmful and must be opposed” on the premises


The leaflet, which says same-sex marriage “validates and promotes the homosexual lifestyle”, was found in the Dominican College library, amid a pile of other flyers that are regularly left there.

Leaflet Gay Marriage

It says that same-sex marriage “is not marriage”, “violates natural law” and “turns a moral wrong into a civil right”.

The leaflet is made by TFP Student Action which calls itself a “nationwide network of young Americans dedicated to defending and promoting moral values on college campuses and beyond”.

The Belfast Telegraph reported that the school made a statement saying they did not sanction the leaflet to be in the library and are investigating how it came to be there.

“We became aware at 11am on February 21 that an unauthorised leaflet had been placed in the senior library of the college,” the statement said.

“The school immediately investigated the matter and while we are aware of some of the content of the document, we have been unable to find the original copy.

“The principal and board of governors did not sanction the placing of this leaflet in the school library.”

A pupil, who is openly gay, expressed her worries about the leaflet being found at the school.

“I am in a same-sex relationship and at no point has this been an issue with other pupils,” she said, “however I fear that leaflets like this may entice homophobic behaviour that may lead to me being bullied or others in the future being bullied.”

One parent posted online: “I have seen first hand the damage materials like these can do and it’s unacceptable for any school to have them on display like this. This sort of leaflet only leads to segregation and bullying.”

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