New Survey Seeks To Tackle HIV In Ireland

A picture of a HIV virus which is symbolic of the HIV in ireland survey that HIV Ireland are running

HIV Ireland’s National Survey will cover two wide-reaching areas including stigma and discrimination around HIV in Ireland


HIV Ireland works to improve conditions for people living with HIV in Ireland.

In particular, the organisation aims to contribute towards a significant reduction in the incidence and prevalence of HIV in Ireland, and towards the realisation of an Aids-free generation by advocating for individuals living with HIV, preventing new HIV infections and combating HIV-related stigma and discrimination.

In 2017, HIV Ireland’s 30th anniversary year, the organistion is undertaking a National Survey on HIV in Ireland covering two broad areas:


  • The individual experiences of people living with HIV in Ireland, and how living with HIV impacts on their day-to-day lives, especially within the context of stigma and discrimination.


  • Exploring the awareness, knowledge and understanding of HIV amongst the public, with a particular emphasis on attitudes towards HIV, and people living with HIV.


HIV Ireland’s survey for people living with HIV will go live on March 1. People can visit the website,,  and contribute to the understanding of HIV related stigma in Ireland by completing the survey.

Ten minutes of your time can give HIV Ireland a lifetime of knowledge on your experience of living with HIV.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please do not hesitate to contact HIV Ireland at [email protected] or call (01) 873 3799.


End of HIV?


This survey comes after a Prime Time feature called ‘The End of HIV?’ aired on RTE about PrEP, a drug which prevents HIV-negative people from contracting the virus.

The program highlighted the increased risk which gay and bi men have of contracting HIV, with the men who have sex with men (MSM) demographic accounting for 50% of HIV infections in 2015.

It also highlighted the financial savings to the state which could be gained in preventing people from catching HIV rather than treating HIV.


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