Anti-Gay Politician's Site Hacked by Pro-Gay Activist

anti-gay paul shepherd

Anti-gay Republican Paul Shepherd has had his domain name bought by a 21 year-old activist who plans to turn it into an LGBT information platform.


Dylan Hailey, a 21-year-old college junior, noticed earlier this month that Shepherd’s ownership of was expiring, so he bought it immediately and redesigned it as a place to expose Shepherd’s anti-gay policies.

Shepherd has recently become famous for his anti-gay beliefs, leading him to urge the US Congress to impeach any judge who allows same-sex marriage

“I read about him on Reddit last week when he pushed that resolution urging Congress to impeach judges that don’t agree with his policies and then wanted to look more into him,” Hailey told Vice. “When I went to his campaign site I realized he had not renewed it, so I called up my registrar and got it first. He likely bought it for an extended period of time and forgot to renew it or the staffer in charge of it forgot or quit.”

As for the website itself, Hailey says he hopes to use it as an index for people to see just what beliefs their state representatives hold.

“We are working on designing one big site that will be a resource for everyone to look up their local or national elected officials, have their contact information, their stance on policies related to equality and privacy, controversial bills they’ve sponsored, etc,” he said.

If Shepherd comes calling, Hailey is willing to give him the site back, on one condition.

“I would love to see him make a donation to an LGBT rights group. If he did that I’d gladly give him his domain back right away,” Hailey said. “If he refuses but wants to buy it back anyway then all the proceeds would go to an LGBT group, likely a local one in his area.”

In response to the website’s takeover, Shepherd has stated that gay people are like slave-owners – they are good, moral people who are making bad decisions.

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