Averil Power Leaves Fianna Fail


Senator Averil Power, a long time advocate for LGBT rights, has quit Fianna Fail saying that marriage referendum “was the final straw”.


In a statement, Power said that she ran for election four years ago to “make a difference” but while “trying hard to help deliver that change” she has “repeatedly been rebuffed by [her own] party”.

She said that her decision to leave the party comes in the wake of the marriage referendum, saying, “The vast majority of the party’s public representatives refused to campaign for it. In fact, I was the only TD or Senator who did a proper canvass for the referendum in their constituency”.

She said that some Fianna Fáil party members declared publicly that they were voting No and “worse still, others told me they would be voting Yes but were afraid of campaigning for it in case they would lose votes.”

“Fianna Fáil’s overall approach to the referendum symbolised everything that is wrong with the party”, she added. “[The party] lacks vision, courage and leadership”.

She also added that Micheál Martin is not an effective leader and Fianna Fáil is not fit for government.

Power has been a long time campaigner for LGBT rights, often appearing on televised debates for the Yes side.

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