Best Of Miss Vanjie Memes

Memes of the Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant Miss Vanjie flood the internet on the (high) heels of her unintentionally hilarious sashay away.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

She might not have stuck around for long, but Miss Vanjie might have made the biggest impact for a first evictee since Porkchop got the chop way back in super filtered Season 1.



The drag daughter of classic queen, “Bam!”, Alexis Mateo, with a voice like she’d spent the morning gargling gravel after a big night out, Miss Vanessa Vanjie stomped into the work room of Ru Paul’s Drag Race like a queen in a golden cage. If she’d have known what was in store, she just might have chosen to wave at the cameras, turn, and stomp right back out. Lucky for us she stuck around to turn herself into a human flower blob, stick on a few Barbies, give an OK lip sync and deliver one of the oddest exit speeches the competition has clapped its lashes on yet.  


Losing the lip-sync to Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams, Vanjie didn’t use her exit to thank Ru for the opportunity, or to tell the judges they’d made a huge mistake, she used her parting words to…repeat her name. Again. And again. Big mistake. Huge. Or…probably the best decision she ever made. Because it’s gone viral.

Trust Drag Race fans to make the most of the weird exit. The internet has been swamped with memes and gifs inserting Miss Vanjie into moments such as the infamous axe through the door scene in The Shining, and the voice terrorising Drew Barrymore through the door in Scream.

Even Ru herself couldn’t keep a straight face at her exit.

With this kind of attention for a first-out queen, it remains to be seen whether the remaining queens will have as big an impact.

One things for sure, seems like Vanjie will be joining in the laughter as there’s no bad thing in going viral for a drag queen who wants to go global!

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