The Big Dish: James Kavanagh Gets Wilde

James Kavanagh (left) who wrote a review about Wilde restaurant (pictured right with food and wine on a table overlooking dublin.

The Westbury Hotel’s newly revamped Wilde has a menu that’s second to none, says James Kavanagh. Just go with the right attitude.


Wilde, the newly revamped terrace on the side of The Westbury Hotel in Dublin, has the feeling of a swish deck on a luxurious cruise ship. Shell- shaped, green velvet couches with palm-print cushions line the wall, calling out to you to while an hour or two away on a boozy brunch. Leafy, green foliage tumbles down the walls onto the black and white tiled floors. Giant windows can electrically open and close, which will make it a much sought-after spot in the warmer months. Luxurious marble tables are scattered throughout the brightly lit area, making the whole thing an Instagramer’s dream. On weekends, you can spot bloggers dangling over their eggs and juice, snapping award-worthy shots of their food. And when the canvas is this good, why would you miss out on an opportunity to give your friends food envy?




Treat Yo’self

There’s no point in eating here if you’re being strict with yourself – you may as well go with a ‘treat yo’self’ mentality. I went for lunch and opted for the burrata and Tomato Medley. For Burrata virgins, it’s cheese that’s similar to a ball of mozzarella, except a mile better and so much more creamy. You’ll find yourself moaning with each bite – it’s basically a hybrid of mozzarella and sex.

My friend got the market fish (which was Halibut that day) and it was deliciously melt-in- the-mouth and zesty. If you’re thirsty and unsure of what to drink, or you just want to expand your horizons, Wilde has an enthusiastic sommelier on-hand, ready to dish out wine advice on what will go best with the food you’re ordering. As it was a Saturday afternoon, I ordered a gin and tonic (I was in treat yo’self mode) and I received a standard fish-bowl G&T – along with a spectacle. The barman appears in full regalia, the bottle of gin is brought out and its ingredients are explained to you, thyme branches, pouring paraphernalia – the lot. It’s very entertaining to look at – and ideal Snapchat content.


There & Back Again

My lunch was so good, I booked dinner for another evening. At that I ordered the fillet of beef and too many sides. The sides are incredibly filling, so beware; you do not need three of them. The Lobster Mash is divine. Get that, no matter what main you’re ordering. In fact, I’d go back again and order it as a main. My boyfriend, William, got the ribeye, which comes with lashings of Béarnaise sauce which made him very happy. There’s nothing worse than steak with a stingy side of sauce; I want 40 percent sauce, 60 percent meat. The best side-dish, for me, was the Cauliflower and Pomegranate, which came in a little, Moroccan-style bowl and was topped with a mildly spiced yogurt.

If you’re looking for a highly-Instagrammable meal with some nice fuss and drama created around you by smiley and polite staff, then Wilde it is.

WILDE Restaurant, Harry Street, Dublin, Dublin 2, Website, (01) 646 3352. Follow James on Instagram @JamesAlanKavanagh or

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