Brace Yourselves - RuPaul Hits Primark

Good news or bad news? With RuPaul t-shirts on sale now in Primark in the UK, it's only a matter of time before Penneys get involved.

A painting of drag queen RuPaul on a Primark t-shirt

Primark, the UK version of Penneys, have shown just how far RuPaul has seeped into the mainstream by releasing a t-shirt emblazoned with her likeness. Tweeted by customers in-store, the image shows an artist’s depiction of Queen Ru with her hair swept dramatically to one side. Leaving aside the fact the shirt needs a good iron, we have a few concerns before they inevitably hit Irish shores.

First off the bat, why is this only available in women’s sizes?! There’s a bit of irony in making a shirt that can’t be worn by the person who’s on the front of it. Does Primark know what a drag queen is? We’re sure true fans would still manage to squeeze one on though.


Next up – that picture. It’s kind of like…fan art? For one thing, RuPaul now seems to be white. It’s also slightly reminding us of that infamous mural of Jesus the helpful lady ‘tidied up’ with a dab of paint, destroying any resemblance in the process.


We can’t blame UK Penney’s, however. Apparently, and unsurprisingly, the t-shirts are selling like hot cakes. They’re also not the first people to jump on the Ru merch bandwagon – as this Cards Against Humanity set will attest. More importantly, people seem to be living for them.


We also can’t be mad at Primark’s Twitter game.



Thank goodness Primark is affordable, (the t-shirts are retailing at a very reasonable £8), because, set your face to ‘stun’, people – there’s a possibility this is just the beginning.


So if you are planning to get your mitts on one, better get your skates on – some ‘enterprising’ sellers (chancers) are already selling the t-shirts on Ebay for double the cost. The things people will do for a bit of RuPaul merchandise…

Okay, the t-shirt mightn’t be that bad. We’ll take 100.

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