Ireland Through To Eurovision Final And People Are Living For It

After a 5 year drought, Ryan O'Shaughnessy finally pulls Ireland out of the qualifiers and back into the Eurovision final and the Internet LOVED it.

Ryan O'Shaughnessy holds the Irish flag aloft at the eurovision final

Although we’d hoped for it, no one had really expected it, but in a fantastic turn of events, Ryan O’Shaughnessy has pulled Ireland out of the doldrums and back into the Eurovision final! Reactions from pundits to ‘Together’, the Irish entry, had previously been lukewarm, but viewers watching the qualifiers last night could see there was a strong reaction in the room when Ryan’s performance took place.

The decision to recreate the music video on stage, where a young gay couple dance lovingly together, proved to be a wise one, capturing as it did the attention of the press and public alike.


The tension was even more drawn out when Ireland was the very last country to be announced for selection, leading to Euro fans leaping off their couches across the country. As quite a few tweets showed, the Irish sure know how to celebrate, especially when the record holders have been kept out of the main competition for so long! Did we mention Ireland still holds the record for Eurovision wins? We did?



The reaction on social media was a mixture of delight and surprise, with congratulations coming from a previous winner – Charlie McGettigan who won with ‘Rock n’ Roll Kids’ alongside Paul Harrington, back in the Riverdance days.


It seems like Ryan and his song, and especially his dancers, have caught the hearts of LGBT+ fans across Europe. While it may have seemed like an obvious choice to play to the audience Eurovision is famous for, it wasn’t so clear cut, as there were rumours Russia would refuse to show Ryan’s performance if the gay love story was included. In the end though, they did broadcast the song.


Hopes are high for Ryan carrying the weight of a nations dreams this Saturday. No pressure now! Especially as Ryan picked 2 of his competitors among his top 5 Eurovision songs of all time!


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