BREAKING: Gay Spar knows it's Gay Spar

The questions of Dublin's LGBT+ community have been answered: Gay Spar now knows it's Gay Spar and it has revealed it in a brilliant marketing campaign.

Confirmed Gay Spar

Have you ever wondered to yourself, does Gay Spar know it’s Gay Spar?

This Pride weekend, Dublin found its answer to this pressing intellectual quandary.

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The day has come that the Spar on Dame street officially acknowledged its true nature as a home, a refuge, a happy place for LGBT+ people in Dublin.

Posters in Gay Spar this past Pride weekend acknowledged its status as a literal cornerstone for the queers of Dublin. The following tweet was used in the poster by Spar, with the added comment, “We had an idea. Wishing you a very happy and proud Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride 2019 from all of us at Spar Dame Street, Dublin 2.”

The posters are actually the best Pride gift imaginable.

Thanks so much for your incredible work on this campaign, @yascaoimhin.

According to twitter user @lusxt, her tweet was acknowledged for its important role in creating this amazing moment in time. Gay Spar gifted her with an amazing bounty of Redbull and a packet of jellies. It sounds like a perfect lunch to me. Also, I would kill to get one of those t-shirts. Thank you for your work, @lusxt.

LGBT+ people throughout Ireland are absolutely living for this development:

It was also acknowledged that Gay Spar and its workers take care of us when we need it most.

Manager Majella was honoured to be nominated as next year’s Grand Marshal, but said the craic in Gay Spar is too wild to miss:

29 June will live in infamy forever.

Although the self-acknowledgement is breaking news, Twitter has long acknowledged this special location for all its glory:

Gay Spar, if you’re listening, please consider a float in next year’s parade.

Some important knowledge for those who may not know what the G in LGBT+ stands for:

A reflection on the unifying nature of this Spar for the entirety of Ireland:

It needs no introduction:

Gay Spar, thank you for now acknowledging how much you mean to us. We are forever indebted to you for taking care of us at 4 am, for feeding us, for loving us, and letting us love you.

We are better because we’ve known you. I don’t. know. a. better. Spar.

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