Bruce Jenner To Come Out As Trans In Diane Sawyer Interview


Bruce Jenner, the highly scrutinised patriarch of the Kardashian Clan, is set to “come out as trans” and “discuss transitioning” with Diane Sawyer.


Buzzfeed has confirmed that Bruce Jenner’s team is in the final stages of organising an interview with veteran journalist Diane Sawyer, in which the reality star and former Olympian will finally put to rest rumours surrounding his gender identity.

For over a year, Jenner (65) has been the subject of media speculation after growing out his hair and undergoing surgical procedures that are usually associated with transitioning from female to male.

While Jenner has yet to make any comment on his gender identity, it looks like his alleged coming out will be well timed, as it will coincide with the broadcast of a new docu-series that will air on the E! network.

Earlier today, Jenner’s mother Esther Jenner told RadarOnline that transition is definite, and that Bruce had confirmed it to her.

She said, “I just learned about [his transition]. Bruce filled me in, and we had a very long, long, long talk about it.

“I have never been more proud of Bruce for who he is, himself as a father, as an Olympian, a wonderful public speaker. He instills enthusiasm in people. He’s gifted.”

Last week, responding to offensive and blatantly transphobic tabloid stories, his step-daughter Kim Kardashian said, “We support Bruce…Of course we support Bruce 100%.

“He’s our dad so we support him no matter what, and I think when the time is right, he’ll talk about whatever he wants to talk about.

“I just think it’s his story to talk about, not really mine.”

Many trans activists have condemned the treatment of Bruce Jenner in the media. Journalist and activist, Janet Mock, said, “The Jenner gender speculation is a modern-day freak show. It spreads the misconception that being trans is laughable.

“What’s wrong is a magazine aiming to humiliate someone by labeling them a transgender woman, as if being trans and being a woman is an insult,” adding, “It’s this destructive thinking that pushes trans people deeper into isolation.”




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