Isis Militants Hurl Gay Man from Tower Block


Disturbing pictures which appear to show a man charged with having a gay affair being stoned to death after being thrown off a 7-storey building by Isis militants in Syria have been circulating online today.


The images – which are believed to have been published online by Isis militants, according to London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – show a 50-something man sitting on a plastic chair on a rooftop, flanked by two masked militants. The next image shows the man apparently failing from the building.

The final photo, an aerial shot, shows a crowd surrounding the man – who appears to have survived the fall – before stoning him to death.

Images released by Isis show an unnamed man falling from the building before being stoned by an assembled crowd last month

Militants read a summary ‘judgement’ before the incident, accusing the man of having a “homosexual affair”.

The incident, which took place in the Syrian city of Raqqa, follows a slew of recent public executions (know as ‘hudud’) including those of two men accused of being gay, who were also thrown from a tower. A reported 17 men were also crucified for various offences in the same 48-hour period.

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