School Threatens To Expel Gay Teen, His Response Is Perfect


A 17 year-old gay Youtube vlogger, Austin Wallis, says that he was threatened with expulsion if he didn’t delete all of his social media accounts and “go back in the closet”.


Joined by his boyfriend, an emotional Austin recounts what happened when the principal called him into his office after finding out the student was openly gay.

“He basically told me…I had to go back in the closet, which means I had to delete all my social media including YouTube. I had to erase my digital impact on the world. And he said I would have to do that to stay at the school and I could never be involved in another video or do anything for that matter…”

Two days later, Austin chose to leave the school.

Austin refused to name the school, as certain faculty members supported him and he didn’t what to shine a negative light on them. H0wever, by the end of the video, Austin’s message was clear.

“I want to change the world in a way where this can’t happen – where a student can’t feel excluded by his own faculty and we be basically forced to leave ‘by choice’…If you feel like this is outrageous and awful and if you feel like this isn’t what you want our country to be considered please help in my fight to make a difference. I want you to share this everywhere. Let people know. I hope that my story will help make a difference in someone else’s life. And maybe I can change things so this won’t ever happen again. ”


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