'Burn The Gays' Rapper Banned from UK Gigs


One of Uganda’s most popular rappers, who caused controversy when he called for all gay people to be burned, has had scheduled performances in both London and Birmingham cancelled due to his extreme homophobic rages.


Axed: Bobi won’t be part of the Summer Bash

Bobi Wine, 32, included anti-gay lyrics in his songs, and has described himself as a “ghetto president” and believes he is a role model for Uganda’s underprivileged youth. The opinionated entertainer, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, has a reality show that has been compared to Keeping Up With The Kardashians in terms of popularity and ratings.

The show, which concentrates on Wine’s life with his three wives as well as his music career, recently showed him writing a song which featured the lyrics, “If you’re a man, you better be a man/If you’re a girl you, you better stay a girl/Some men dress like a bitch and get it like a bitch/They stink like fish/Fire will burn the batty man/All Ugandans get behind me and fight the batty man”.

Wine has responded to being axed from the line-up of the UK gigs, posting a lengthy status update telling fans how he has received threats based on his anti-gay views, which he stood by, calling homosexuality “a bad habit” and “an act that counters societal progress”.

Speaking about his home country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, Wine claimed that the rest of the world had misinterpreted its intention, “taking advantage of Uganda’s vulnerability as a nation”, adding that 99 per cent of Africans were in support of the legislation based on “culture, religion and constitution”.

He continued, “Homosexuality may be a phenomenon that has lived in the nooks of society and as humanity requires, I sympathise with the victim, in the confines of the word victim and most definitely sympathy should not be misinterpreted as endorsement”.

The rapper concluded, “How be it, I completely fail to understand the pride and why the gays are so happy about it. The bottom line is that we should struggle to better ourselves and it’s not fair when one tries to arm-twist society to legalise bad habits just because they have a sponsor”.

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