Cambridge University Hire Lecturer With Troubling Views On Gay People

Aron Wall, who will begin his role as professor at Cambridge University in January, said in a post that gay culture was "notoriously promiscuous, reckless and obscene".

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US academic Aron Wall is due to take up a position as maths professor in Cambridge University in January, 2019, however his controversial views on homosexual relationships have troubled many.

In a recently unearthed post, ‘Reflections On Gay Marriage’, on his public blog, ‘Undivided Looking’, he spoke of a Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, stating: “I’m not going to analyse the legal reasoning of the Supreme Court decision right now, nor do I wish to explain in detail…why homosexual relationships are morally problematic.”

He continued, “Those who seek to normalize gay relationships should start by taking a long and hard look at previous cultures in which it was culturally tolerated for many generations, and ask whether they would really want to live in a society like those.”

Speaking of gay relationships, the post continues; “I do know that the gay community contains a highly vocal subgroup which endorses promiscuity as a valid lifestyle. On the other hand, in my very limited sample of gay friends and acquaintances, very few of them actually seem to actually be in relationships of any kind… apparently half of gay couples (not necessarily married) are in explicitly open relationships.”

Wall then makes the jump to claim, “Let’s be honest and admit that, if there were still legal penalties for adultery, Marriage is the last thing that the Gay Rights Movement, taken as a whole, would have wanted” before condescending, “You simply can’t extend an institution like Democracy or Marriage to a new group of people without first giving them a crash course in what the necessary working rules for that institution are.”

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Alistair Hyde, the Cambridge University Student Union’s LGBT+ campaign president responded, “It would be inappropriate to pair an LGBT+ student with a supervisor known to be prejudiced against members of this particular marginalised group. Students will demand safeguarding policies when people are hired that are openly homophobic or prejudiced against marginalised groups.”

Hyde continued by saying the writings of Wall contradicted Cambridge University’s commitment to inclusion.

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