Canadian Province Allows Gender To Be Removed From Birth Certs

Following a court ruling, the province of Saskatchewan will now allow birth certificates to be issued without a gender marking.

Fran Forsberg from the Canadian province of Saskatchewan holding her young daughter Renn

In what has been described as a landmark case, a judge has ruled that gender marks may be removed from birth certificates. Fran Forsberg, from the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, had originally launched the suit 4 years ago regarding the right to have her daughter Renn’s gender changed from male to female on her birth certificate. As part of the suit, she also asked that the box on the birth cert asking for gender specification be removed altogether.

Justice Lana Krogan, overseeing the case, had the following to say, “The (Saskatchewan Human Rights) Code is essential to the health and strength of our community. Section 3 captures the objects of the Code which include recognition of the inherent dignity and equal, inalienable rights of persons. The Code also supports the advancement of public policy that aims to eliminate discrimination. Such discrimination includes the denial of services offered to the public on the basis of a prohibited ground.” This included the issue of gender identity.

Forsberg was joined in her suit by the the family of Jordyn Dyck, a non-binary teenager. Dustin Dyck, Jordyn’s father, responded to the decision – “This is an amazing step in the right direction. This will allow every single person in Saskatchewan, regardless of age to be identified as who they are”.

The ruling means both Renn and Jordyn will receive new birth certificates, along with legislation being amended for others who can now change the gender marking on their birth certificate or opt to have it removed completely.

Standing outside the province’s Court of Queen’s Bench, a delighted Forsberg told the press, “I’m just so glad it’s over and I am so happy for other children, as well as other non-binary people, Hopefully this will start the ball rolling for people educating and opening their minds and hearts for the rest of the world.” She continued, “Though we, as parents, did this for our own children, this decision applies to everyone, regardless of age, race or belief. Today, we rejoice in this massive step forward and its history-making impact.”

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