Irish Teens And Non-Binary People Should Have Right To Self-Identify Says Minister

Moninne Griffith of BelongTo and T.D. Regina Doherty are looking for your input having stated their support for further expanding the Gender Recognition Act to include those under 18 and non-binary people.

Gender Recognition Act is held by Regina Doherty who is in the centre of the photo. Moninne Griffith is also in the photo along with LGBT+ teenagers

The Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Regina Doherty T.D., has announced the launch of the consultation process under the review of the Gender Recognition Act 2015.

Commenting on the launch, Minister Doherty stated: “I am very pleased that the review of the Gender Recognition Act is underway and to announce, today, the call for submissions under the consultation process.

“This process is a key element of the review and I am keen to have the broadest possible level of consultation. I particularly want to hear the voices of young people on this issue.”


Teenagers and Non-Binary Inclusion

Ms Doherty told The Times that she was open to expanding gender recognition rights to young people and non-binary people after the review of legislation had finished. “I absolutely support it,” she said.

The purpose of the Gender Recognition Act is to allow a person to legally change gender and it provides for the preferred gender of a person to be fully recognised by the State for all purposes. An applicant who has attained the age of 18 years may apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate by way of self-determination.

Minister Doherty appointed a Review Group chaired by Moninne Griffith (Executive Director, BeLonG To) which includes representation from the Transgender Equality Network of Ireland (TENI), other independent experts in the field and Government bodies with an interest in this area.  The Review Group is due to submit its report to the Minister in May this year.

Speaking about the consultation process, Ms Griffith said: “I look forward to receiving the submissions made as part of this consultation process as they will be of enormous benefit to the group in its consideration of the issues.”


Consultation Process

Submissions are now invited, from interested individuals and organisations, on the current operation of the Gender Recognition Act 2015 and in relation to possible future operational and policy considerations.  Reflecting the terms of reference of the review group, those wishing to make a submission should do so under the following headings:

  1. Arrangements for children aged 16 to 17 years;
  2. Arrangements for children aged under 16 years;
  3. Arrangements for persons who identify as neither male nor female (e.g. non-binary);
  4. Arrangements for intersex people;
  5. Any other relevant issues, including issues relating to the operation of the current legislative provisions.


How to make a submission

Submissions may be made via email to [email protected] (with the word “Submission” in the Subject line), or by post to: GRA2015 Review (Submission), GRO Policy Unit,  Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Floor 1, Áras Mhic Dhiarmada, Store Street, Dublin 1, D01 WY03.

Submissions should be returned not later than 5 February 2018 and should include the full name and address of the person making the submission and, where relevant, the name of the body or organisation represented.

All submissions will be acknowledged and will be considered by the Review Group. The group will report to the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection on the consultation process. Those who make submissions may be invited to meet with representatives of the Review Group.

It should be noted that submissions received, and reports of any further consultations undertaken with any parties in response to this request, will be subject to Freedom of Information legislation and may be published on the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection website.

A copy of the Gender Recognition Act 2015 is available here

Further information including information relating to the application process and copies of annual reports, is available on the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection’s website here

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