Tom Daley Has Become The Victim Of Nude Photo Leak

The leak comes a year after it was revealed that he had an online affair with a fan before marrying husband Dustin Lance.

Tom shown on left in speedos, on right a picture of him taken in bed

Tom Daley has had a bit of a rocky start to 2018 with the release of nude Snapchat photos reportedly sent in 2016.

It is assumed that the photos were sent at around the time Daley admitted to an online fling before he married now husband Dustin Lance Black.

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The Olympic athlete who vlogs his day to day life on YouTube is now facing further grief as a result of his past rendezvous, particularly as he has previously fronted a charity campaign urging young people to think carefully before sending sexual images and video content online.

The photos which show Daley in bed were reportedly taken in 2016 during a secret seven-month break from Dustin due to the stresses of their long-distance relationship.


All in the Past

Daley admitted to the online affair and said he confessed all to Dustin pledging: “This will absolutely never happen again now that we’re getting married”.

At the time of revelations he told The Sun:

“It was the distance. It’s not like I actually met up with anyone.

“I’m 22 years old, and if you talk to someone through social media it is what it is. It was nothing more than that. We never physically met.

“But in the modern world, this is what can happen — things are more accessible online and distributed, and they spread like wildfire.

“People are just exploring and finding out what can be done and how easy it is to not even think about what you’re doing online.

“We don’t have secrets in our relationship. We’re honest and open about everything. When we were back together I told him everything.

“Lance and I had a period of time apart, and then coming back together and realising we’re meant for each other.

“We’re soulmates — and the only way that we were going to get back to that point was, to be honest, open and share everything that happened in our time away from each other.

“It’s totally crucial to us that we are completely and totally open with each other.

“I don’t think I’ve done anything more or less than any other 22-year-old has done. Lance and I have such a strong connection that again our honesty and openness is so important.”

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance photoshoot for Out Magazine

Dustin (43), Oscar winning screenwriter of the film Milk, added:

“Tom and I talked about anything and everything that went on. That’s the secret to how we are so close and can survive tough times.

“I was out of the country for about seven months last year — I’d been back and forth before that too, and in that time Tom and I took a decision to take time off.

“We didn’t tell a lot of people and it wasn’t the easiest time for us — so what Tom did in that time was his personal business.”

Tom has yet to comment.

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