CBB Viewers Angry over India's 'Drag Queen Phobia' Lies

Trans former newsreader India Willoughby left Celebrity Big Brother viewers angry after claiming that she has a “phobia of drag queens”– despite having been pictured with several at various Pride events.


Last week, 51 year-old Willoughby told her fellow housemates that she had a “phobia” of drag queens after the arrival of Shane Jenek, aka former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Courtney Act..

Jenek for his part attempted to assuage some of India’s discomfort by saying that he was looking forward to talking through some of her issues around drag queens.

On Sunday night viewers watched as India stormed off during a discussion about the dating while trans. The former news reader had been speaking to the group in a late night chat about how difficult it is dating as a trans person, and asked the men of the group whether they would date a trans woman. Although they mostly said it would depend on the woman, and that it is a matter of personal preference either way.

When she asked former 90s R’n’B singer Ginuwine, he admitted that he probably wouldn’t. After hearing this India stood up and left the smoking area, leaving Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Malika Haqq to utter: “Guys….I think we are living with a victim here!” to widespread agreement.

Things kicked off in last night’s episode when the former The Apprentice contestant Andrew Brady asked Jenek to give him a professional drag make-over – complete with sellotape tucking.

As the housemates gathered in the sitting room waiting for Brady’s debut, India sitting with her hood up and sporting dark glasses, told Jenek “it’s all going to kick off”.


Despite being warned about what was coming, India decided to remain in the room.

When Brady came out, looking like a polished drag queen – apart from his beard, which he opted not to remove – the other housemates enjoyed his transformation and the group was in high-spirits.

Moments later, Willoughby stormed off to bed leaving a confused Brady to follow after and apologise.

andrew brady in drag, cbb
Andrew Brady in full drag regalia on last night’s Celebrity Big Brother

But Willoughby wasn’t having any of it, and later got out of bed to give Brady a piece of her mind. “I know that people that perform in drag don’t do it intentionally, probably like in the old days when the black and white minstrels used to put on a show.”

“Obviously black people would find that offensive, and I just want to make it apparent to you why I got upset.”

Viewers were quick to criticise Willoughby on Twitter. “Imagine someone going up to #CBBindia and saying I have a phobia of trans?” tweeted Nathan Henry.

Another tweeted “India #CBB ? wouldn’t be surprised if she’s first out and then claims that’s she’s first out because she’s trans and people don’t accept her. When in fact it’s just because she’s a twat.

Some tweeted pictures India hugging two different drag queens at a Pride event last year. Earlier in the week, Willoughby had stated that she has never been to a Pride.

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