Coming Out As Gay Is Likened To Switching Car Brands By Car Commercial

A man and his father talk in the Infiniti car commercial where coming out as gay is likened to switching car brands

In a recent advertisement, car manufacturer Infiniti has compared telling a parent that they are gay and coming out to switching car brands

The 2016 commercial from car manufacturer Infiniti equates the coming out process to telling a parent that you’re switching from the family car brand of BMW.

The ad. sees a man come home to his father’s stately house where photos of his father and him around an old car can be seen.

“Look this isn’t easy for me either,” the son begins. “I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but it just feels right.”

“This isn’t how we raised you,” the father retorts.

“You never wanted to try it?”

“Enough,” interjects the elderly gentleman.

“You must have known I was a little different?”

“Not this different,” the father concludes, disapproving.

The ad. has received mixed reviews with opponents condemning it for taking what can be a very difficult experience for LGBT people – that of coming out – and diminishing it’s significance.

Watch the car advert below to see what you think of it and whether it is slightly less than tasteful or if it manages to be as quirky as Infiniti intended it to be.

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