Amuse Bouche - James Kavanagh Currabinny Catering Chats To GCN

James Kavanagh's hand from currabinny catering, the irish catering company. The hand is lifting pastry cutouts off of a table with a silver utensil

James Kavanagh of Currabinny Catering chatted with us for this month’s issue of GCN

James Kavanagh and William Murray are the co-owners of Irish catering company Currabinny Catering. We got chatting with James in this month’s issue of GCN.





The gayest thing about Currabinny?

Well, we’re two gays (who are also a gay homosexual couple) and we run the company! And, to make us gayer, when we cater events and need an extra set of hands, we hire another gay called Igor (who’s a bit of a ride – single gays, listen up) to help make our nibbles. We also sprinkle edible gold dust on our shortbread biscuits, which is pretty gay, eh?

Your ideal party of five?

Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, Meryl Streep, Anne Doyle, and Enya. Can you imagine the craic? Goldie and me would be running around, locked, screaming Orinoco Flow. Enya would be scarlet for us and Bette would be live-tweeting the whole thing.

Your favourite placed to eat, other than your own?

The Pepper Pot Café. It’s absolutely divine – the specials are always fantastic.

If you weren’t making food, what would you be doing?

I would love to be a newsreader. Mainly because Anne Doyle is goals.

Who’s rocking your world right now?

Darina Allen – always. Her spirit is so infectious.

What does the future hold for dining?

Full fat, buttery deliciousness. I think we’re at saturation point with ‘raw this’, ‘juice diet that’. People are craving bold, full flavour and that’s what Currabinny offers. Come taste our goodness at markets across Ireland over the next year – and then a café after that!

Currabinny make food you’d murder for. Find them at markets and events over Ireland. They’ll have a real-life café – one day. Until then, follow them on Instagram @Currabinny



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