"Oppressed" Catholics Get Emotional In Anti-Gay Marriage Video


In a new video which mimics the pro-gay ‘It Gets Better’ campaign , Catholics are seen on camera talking about being judged for being opposed to same-sex marriage.


The video, made by conservative group Catholic Vote, has angered many people online due to it’s suggestion that the six individuals that are against marriage equality are the actual oppressed minority, not LGBT people.

Much like the It Gets Better campaign started by LGBT rights advocacy group, The Trevor Project, it is styled as a “coming out” message.

“I am a little bit nervous about people, kind of, hearing that I am this way and then thinking ‘oh well you know, she’s not welcome here,'” says one woman in the opening of the video.
Another participant says, “It’s pretty scary. You wonder, how many people can I really, truly, honestly be open with?”
“I’ve tried to change this before… but it’s too important to me,” says another emotional young woman.
“I believe marriage is between a marriage is a woman,” they all reveal, before declaring that people who believe in “traditional” marriage are “not alone”.
The campaign has faced some serious backlash online, and on YouTube it has 15 times more ‘dislikes’ than ‘likes’ and a barrage of users have voiced their criticisms. One YouTube commenter wrote, “You’re acting like the victim because people have equal rights? Because they can get married? Don’t act like you’re the victim when you have never lived through the hate that you have given innocent people.”
Another commented, “I don’t know if I should be angry, amused, or confused about this video. Regardless you can’t act like you’re being oppressed if no one is oppressing you. This is just straight up homophobia.”

Check it out below:


And of course, the parodies have come rolling in…

Equal marriage supporters remade the video, changing the subject at hand to racial segregation – and they make a pretty valid point in doing so!

See, this is how stupid you sound!

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