Controversial Lipsticks On The Teaser Of Tonight's RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 Episode

The teaser of tonight's episode is on fire and we are gagged to see what is going to happen after last week's episode.


We all still shocked about last week’s elimination on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4. Heny, if you have no idea of what we are talking about and do not want spoilers from the latest episode, sashay away.

Last week’s episode brought us back to reality, we all know that is a TV reality show and the criteria for lipsync for your legacy in All Stars are totally up to the winners, some of the queens were fair and based their choice on the report’s card.

Particularly in All Stars 4 that’s how it has been done since episode one, until Naomi Smalls changed the game after finally win a challenge and showing that she is not a queen to mess with. She sent home the frontrunner Manila Luzon, who was killing the game with the most wins of them all.

Facts are facts, America. Naomi took the chance to bring the crown closer to her head and made a choice to save Latrice Royale (who has been serving the same dress, the same poor performance, got eliminated, came back to the game…). When she finally “won” a challenge she saved Naomi’s ass last week, sending our fan favourite latina goddess Valentina home (we still recovering from that).

In the teaser of the next episode, Naomi justified why she chose to eliminate Manila. “I think we’re realising that this competition, now, we’re not going to be judging it fairly. Because what’s fair? Life’s not fair. Yes, Manila has been doing so well in the competition.

“But I don’t know if she necessarily had my back. I sent Manila home because I wanted to. Manila was crazy competition, and that’s dope, but I decided to save Latrice because I owe it to her. She saved my ass last week.”

We can see who Monét X Change chose to eliminate, and surprisingly or not, it was also Manila’s lipstick. We know that Manila almost sent Monét home on the fourth episode when the queen was in the bottom with Latrice.

“She was willing to send me home to save her friend, so I am not hesitant to show these girls this lipstick,” she says in her confessional. “I wish I would’ve done it on stage. I would’ve not given a backstory, no explanation, just the lipstick.”

Monét has a reason to send Manila home and at this stage in the game, if you are not on the top, you are in the bottom and nobody is safe from going home, hopefully with Monét also picking Manila’s lipstick the fandom will take it easier with Naomi and just watch the great show that is coming to an end next week.

We do not need to buy her justification, there are no rules and the queens can send home whoever they want to, but something that we need to talk about it is how the fandom came HEAVILY for Naomi, attacking on her socials because of her choice. Racist and evil comments are all over the place and this is very sad as a result of a show that first of all, celebrates diversity and love. The queen shared today on her Instagram stories some of the hate that she has been receiving since last week’s episode.

The fandom has been getting bitter and bitter throughout the years, the attacks on social media are not new and unfortunally are a very sad reality for many of the queens who are targeted for something and crucified if they don’t do what the fans want.

We are all aware that the show is recorded months before it gets aired, we also know that it is a reality TV show and it is made and edited for entertainment. By the end of the day, the producers of the show are the ones who decide who is going home, who is winning, who is the villain and who is coming back. Not even RuPaul is taking part during this process, maybe to avoid the hate from the fandom, maybe to stir the pot. Who knows?

But not for long, season 11 is around the corner and the UK version, who will also star Michelle Visage is coming soon.

Let’s all remember that it is a TV show and have fun with it, show your support to the queens you love by watching their videos, buying their merch and songs (if you can) and sharing support to them.

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