Diplo Speaks Out Against Toxic Masculinity After Controversial Tweet

Music star Diplo speaks up about what masculinity means to him responding the haters on his Twitter account after having his sexuality questioned.


DJ and music producer Diplo has spoken out against toxic masculinity on his Twitter account after the DJ tweeted about ‘Gossip Girls’ on his account:

Some people started questioning about his sexuality, but he did not stay quiet, he shut down the haters with another tweet:

The tweet  from Diplo appeared on January 8, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, has got a lot of attention, attracting more than 29,000 retweets.

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The fans are reacting in the best way possible about how the star is positioning himself to talk about something that it is so important, and still bringing a lot of controversies.

Messages like “WE STAN” were common, with this concept taking some people by surprise, like the tweeter who wrote: “Omg we stan you suddenly.”

One follower said approvingly: “SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK” with another fan tweeted that this positive step was a long time coming.

They wrote: “this is the best thing you’ve done since Major Lazer or the MIA mixtapes.”

“You know who Blair Waldorf is AND stand up against toxic masculinity? I love you even more now.”

A different user was pleased with what Diplo’s tweet said about 2019, writing: “What a time to be alive when masculinity itself acknowledges there’s more to you than what you limit yourself to.”

It is not the first time that Diplo has broken the rules of what masculinity “should be”, in fact, he collaborated with the most followed drag queen last year, the singer and performer Pablo Vittar, who has been making history in Brazil by being one of the most influential artists the LGBT+ community in Brazil has ever had. They even kissed (a lot) during the video for Pablo’s single “Então Vai”.

We need more Diplos in the world, more people to speak up and talk about how toxic masculinity can effect people.

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