Gay Disney Crossovers That We Are Dying To See


Jasmine hooking up with Ariel? Aladdin macking Hercules? Yes please!

Okay, so I think we all can agree that the ‘Disney Princesses/Princes reimagined as…” headlines are getting seriously old at this point. Every digital artist on the internet is jumping on the bandwagon, photoshopping curves on Cinderella or drag make up on Aladdin – but we got to admit, this is one we REALLY want to see happen on our screens.

Tumblr user Dopey Beauty specialises in Disney characters, and now she has given us a taste of what it would be like if Disney characters fell for someone of the same sex.

This one is for all the gay kids growing up who just couldn’t relate to the ‘hero falls for damsel’ Disney model.

Ariel could quite literally show Jasmine a whole new world under the sea. After all, as Sebastian the crab says, “Darling, it’s, better down where it’s wetter… “


Meanwhile, Aladdin heads to Greece and finds love with a certain muscular demi-God.


Aurora and Pocahantas share a Shakespearian romance in the New World. A tale of betrayal, murder and forbidden love…


Disney, please make these a reality!

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