WATCH: Drag Queen Objects To Wedding With Hilarious Lip-Sync

A couple in Glasgow surprised their wedding guests with a planned "objection" that was hilarious.

Drag Queen Objects To Wedding With Lip-Sync

A couple in Glasgow surprised their wedding guests last weekend when a drag queen objected to their marriage.

Mark Swift performed Cheri Treiffel, a drag queen wedding guest, who lip-synced “It Should Have Been Me” as she walked up the aisle towards the grooms.

Guests filmed the performance, where the drag queen interrupted the ceremony and strutted up the aisle in “objection” to the wedding. The videos of the event have since gone viral with one clip at over six million views.


One guest shared the video with the caption, “Just your average wedding.”

Cheri Treiffel played a scorned woman who wanted one of the grooms for herself. She kisses one wedding guest and strokes another’s head on her way up the aisle. She collapses to her knees before rising and beating one of the grooms with her handbag.

At one point, her skirt falls from the dancing and jumping. She continues her performance in underwear that appears to have one of the groom’s faces printed on it.

The Queen dramatically continues her singing, telling the preacher, “It should have been me, you know that it should have been me.” She makes her exit, hitting one groom with her purse a final time. The guests applauded throughout the entire performance.

The grooms, Peter McConnachie and Peter Deaville, planned the performance but kept it a secret from their family and friends.


Guests looked amused, horrified and surprised as they were unsure if it was a joke.

One viral clip was uploaded by wedding guest Graham Cole.

Cole told Glasgow Live that Peter McConnachie’s mom thought the interruption was a real objection.

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