RuPaul's Drag Race Contestants Attacked In UK Takeaway

Drag Race stars Farrah Moan and Shea Coulee were filmed in a homophobic attack which took place in a Newcastle kebab shop.

Ru Paul's Drag Race star Farrah Moan

Season 9 Drag Race stars Farrah Moan and Shea Coulee, currently touring the UK, were accosted and filmed during a homophobic attack shared to Snapchat. The pair were in a Newcastle kebab shop late at night when a group of girls started throwing insults, calling the queens ‘faggot’ and ‘slut’.

At first posing for the camera, Farrah shot back, “We’re touring the world being gay while you’re living in Newcastle with your crusty ass eyelashes”. Things then got more heated, Farrah asking her attacker, “Why are you so greasy?” with her response being, “Why are you so gay?” The girl then reaches to push Farrah away, shouting an insult, with the queen telling her “Don’t touch me!” The video ends with Farrah being told she is “A walking STD”.

Discussing the situation in a post on Twitter, Farrah said, “So I didn’t wanna bring attention to the negativity that happened to me and Shea last night in Newcastle at a kebab shop but the vid is spreading. No need to apologise on behalf of the city – our show was amazing and theres homophobic twats all over the world. Love you guys!”



In a reply to a fan, she continued, “I was drunk as hell and some lil girl came up to Shea and I with her phone calling us faggots, walking stds cuz my hair was pink and I guess she was white girl wasted”.



She urged fans who threatened to find the girls and hurt them to calm down, discouraging attacks, “‘Y’all really don’t have to do that I think it’s been enough already”.

Thankfully the event didn’t seem to ruin the Drag Race queens UK trip with Farrah tweeting an image of the pair accompanied by “Been truly having the most incredible time touring the UK. And meeting all of you. Can’t believe it’s almost over”.



The latest Drag Race season 10 contestants have already proved a huge hit with fans on the internet.

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