Drag Race Contestant The Vixen Gets Death Threats Over Race Argument

The Vixen received the threats following a work room argument with Aquaria that spilled over into Untucked.

RuPaul's Drag Race contestant The Vixen looking angry

Things between RuPauls’ Drag Race contestants The Vixen and Aquaria heated up backstage when the constant sniping at each other resulted in The Vixen accusing her rival of creating a racist narrative.

While preparing for the runway, Aquaria had thrown shade over The Vixen’s decision to wear a borrowed wig during a runway challenge to appear in your own best drag. The Vixen shot back at her, causing Aquaria to leave her work station, upset. This wasn’t the first time an argument between the pair had resulted in Aquaria tearfully walking away, however what had gone unmentioned was that Aquaria had started the fight.

During an argument between the queens as they Untucked backstage, both Dusty Ray Bottoms and Monique Heart called out Aquaria on her behaviour. Unable to respond, Aquaria began to cry, which set The Vixen off. “I gotta say this. So this right here is exactly what it is. You say something, I say something, you start crying. You have created a narrative of ‘I am an angry black woman who has scared off the little white girl.’

“So when you get super defensive and tell me that I’m negative, when I’m just responding to what you brought to me, that will always read to these as a race issue”, she finished, gesturing towards the cameras filming the exchange, finishing with, “So what I’m saying is – leave me alone.”



Fellow contestant, Monét X Change commented on the incident during her own on camera interview, “People are going to judge The Vixen because Aquaria’s crying, they’re going to completely overlook the fact that Aquaria came at her first.”

While many on Twitter supported The Vixen and congratulated her for starting a conversation on race, a small group were far harsher, including one tweet which read, “Please die you fucking ugly bully playing mean doesn’t suit you…”

The Vixen herself tweeted, “Yes I have received plenty death threats etc but they didn’t compare to the amount of love coming in. I wish I could respond to everyone but know that I feel your support.”



Aquaria also had something to say on the subject, tweeting. “I may have felt beyond overwhelmed in the moment discussing what went down… but she is so right and I hope others can learn from the points she made in Untucked”



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