Just Between Us Squirrel Friends: Which Is Your Favourite Top 4 Queen?

Some of our beloved Dublin Queens pick their favourite to win from this year's RuPaul Drag Race Top 4.


Any mention of Linda Evangelista floods my basement.

The time has almost come to crown America’s Next Drag Superstar. We asked some of our favourite Dublin Queens to pick who they would like to see snatch the crown and tell us about the looks and moments they loved the most from the latest season of our favourite show. The library is officially open.

1) Who is your favourite to win and why?

Angelina Lovelace: I’m #TeamTrinity cause I relate a lot to her personality and cause she surprised me during the whole season. She’s amazing.

Veda: Peppermint all the way. I adore her. We’ve been friends for years and she really is the sweetest girl I know. Fresh & minted too of course .

Pixie: I think this is the first year I’d be equally as happy if any of the top 4 won, but my favourite from the start has been Sasha Velour. 

Split screen of drag queens Pixie and Sasha Velour

2) What was your favourite look of this season from this queen?

Angelina Lovelace: Trinity’s top4 look is impeccable head to toe.

Veda: The Club Kid challenge was her best look. Perfect brand management meets extreme creativity, I lived for it.

Pixie: Sasha’s Madonna runway look stole my little gay heart this season. Those Madonna runways are so frustrating to watch because they all seem to miss the mark but she really nailed it. 

3) What was your favourite overall look of this season?

Angelina Lovelace: Peppermint’s club kid look.

Veda: My favourite over all look was Shea’s ” rainbow ” look. Wasn’t really on theme but I wanted it so bad.

Pixie: Peppermint’s club kid look was a real stand out for me. I have such a huge love for Peppermint and everything she stands for this season and I was so excited to see her step out of her comfort zone and really go there on that challenge. 

Split screen of drag queens Veda and Peppermint

4) What was your favourite untucked moment?

Angelina Lovelace: Aja being a jealous bitch “you’re perfect, you’re beautiful….” y’all know the rest lol

Veda: Why, Aja “aggressively complimenting” Valentina of course. Classic! Hilarious. Also, any mention of Linda Evangelista floods my basement.

Pixie: Nina Bonina in every episode. She has checked out from day one. The episode where she just lay on the couch for the whole thing and didn’t say a word. 1000 memes were born from that!

Split screen of drag queens Angelina Lovelace and Trinity Taylor

5) Describe your favourite to win in 5 words.

Angelina Lovelace: Trinity Taylor – charismatic, funny, gorgeous, talented, bitch.

Veda: Peppermint- kind, uninhibited, beautiful, hardworking, worthy.

Pixie: Sasha Velour – queer, intelligent, progressive, rebellious, original.


What about you? Which of the Queens snatched your heart? Are you #teamsasha#teampeppermint, #teamtrinity or #teamshea.

Let us know in the comments!

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