Dublin's New Queer Techno Night Wants To Help You Escape The 'Masc4Masc' Mentality

New queer techno night 'Grace' will have it's debut next month. One of the founders Stevie Faherty talks about his vision for creating a space for the queer community to disconnect from social media and connect with the music, the DJ and each other without distraction.

Dublin's New Queer Techno Night Wants To Help You Escape The Masc4Masc Mentality

Speaking of the origins of the techno night’s name, Stevie says they wanted to capture the spiritual experience of techno.

“When you hear ‘Grace’ you think religious iconography and there’s that link with techno for people that find the power in techno and nightclubbing can be like a spiritual experience. As well as the juxtaposition with Grace as something moving smoothly and elegantly against the hard, heavy and chaotic techno music. ”

Grace will be an inclusive space where queer people can be themselves without judgement. Working with LGBT+, female and marginalised artists, Grace has been clear that homophobia, transphobia, femmephobia, racism or bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated saying “we believe in individuality as well as community.”

Dublin's New Queer Techno Night Wants To Help You Escape The Masc4Masc Mentality

How this will look in terms of creating a queer safe space, Grace includes a no photos policy.

“Mobile phones are allowed but we are gonna place stickers over the cameras which is something that’s used in clubs in Berlin.

“Through that, we want to just give people a chance to disconnect as well as giving people that sense of safety as well. With queer spaces, some people might not be out and it just gives you a better sense of freedom in how to express yourself and how you can be on the night.”

“That’s the kind of thing we’re trying to create. Hopefully, by placing the stickers over the cameras it won’t get to that stage but we have some people who are helping us out with several things so there will be eyes on the ground there. So hopefully no-one will try and mess around.”

Dublin's New Queer Techno Night Wants To Help You Escape The Masc4Masc Mentality

It is hoped that Grace will become a bi-monthly night and one that the queer community will really look forward to.

“We’re at the stage now where we just want to make it a party that people look forward to and can plan ahead for and really make an effort to plan their nights and their looks. We wanna make it kind of exciting for people.

“Berlin is definitely up there in terms of the quality of the nightlife in how they approach it like in Berlin if there is a culture of nightlife whereas in Ireland it’s not so much culture. It’s definitely the no phones thing has definitely come from Berlin but it’s also about the crowd safety.”

Dublin's New Queer Techno Night Wants To Help You Escape The Masc4Masc Mentality

Stevie has taken inspiration from a summer he spent in Lisbon.

“I did spend some time around some queer collectives in Lisbon over the summer which did kind of inform my viewpoint on the type of party I wanted and the type of space I wanted to create.

“Berlin has also been a place that has influenced and inspired what we’re doing but we wanna keep it Dublin if that makes sense were not trying to recreate Berlin.

“There’s not enough protection around nightlife culture and culture in general in Ireland. I think there needs to be more done for that to protect places. There needs to be a new narrative around nightlife culture in Ireland especially with our licencing laws as well which mean were shutting doors at 3 am which is so early compared with other cities around Europe.

“In Lisbon, I was going to the club at 3 am and leaving at 7 am or 8 am so it’s just like a totally different approach and it can be a great thing for the economy if investment and changes are made towards protecting nightlife.”

Grace #1 Imbolc take place on February 2, see details here.

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