Everything You Need To Throw An Epic Queer Halloween Party

From decorations, snacks and drinks, to spooky playlists, here's everything you need to throw an epic Halloween party... and scare the bejesus out of your friends!

A table full of treats and drinks for an Halloween party

Our favourite time of the year is approaching faster than the Sanderson sisters flying over Salem on their brooms… Yes, All Hallows Eve is almost here! Every year, there are plenty of events to choose from but, let’s be honest, nothing beats a good old Halloween party! Now, before we continue, you do have a costume, right? Great!

Throwing a killer party that will leave your friends impressed (and spooked) might seem like a lot of work, but fear not, we are here to help!


This is definitely the most important element: you can’t throw a Halloween party without kitting out your gaff… Here are some easy DIY ideas!

Scream wall:
You can get a pack of paper scream masks in any arts and crafts shop. Add some cheap Euro store LED finger lights. Stick a light inside each mask and hang them on a wall. Repeat with all the masks and you’ve got yourself a perfect Instagrammable focal point.

A man at a Halloween party, behind him lit up scream masks on a wall

Creepy silhouette:
This is one of the easiest and most effective decorations. Simply draw a human silhouette on a large black sheet of paper, cut it out and tape it to the outside of your window. This works best if you have light/transparent curtains.

A creepy silhouette glued to the window used as decoration for a Halloween party

Bat silhouettes on walls:
Similar to the creepy silhouette described above, simply draw the shape of a bat on black paper, cut it out and stick them up. You can do as many as you like and they can go pretty much on any surface.

Bat silhouettes on a wall used as decoration for a Halloween party

Creepy toilet mannequin:
This is one of our personal favourites and it’s sure to scare the living hell out of anyone heading to the jacks. Grab your summer wardrobe and stuff it into some old clothes (a long jacket, a jumper and a pair of trousers) – the older the better. Once you have a basic human shape you can place the “mannequin” on a chair, add shoes where the feet should be, a cheap scary mask and wig (you can get them in Dealz). It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s all about the surprise element for this one!

Sitting mannequin placed in a bathroom at a Halloween party

Corpse in a bag:
To make this DIY corpse in a bag, place some old plastic bottles/containers on the floor, creating a body shape, then wrap the dummy in black rubbish bags and put duct tape around the neck, waist, and knees. If this isn’t gruesome enough for you, try leaking fake blood from the seams of the body bag. You can make a few of them and place them in several points of the house, either on the floor or standing in a corner.

Fake corpse made out of bottles, used as prop for a Halloween party

Doll parts:
If you happen to have any old dolls around the house (because sure, why not?) you can take them apart and either throw the pieces into a glass jar or hang them as decorations using some strings. If you want to make them extra creepy, you can scribble with a black marker or just rub some soil on them to make them look old and dirty.

Dolls parts in a jar used as decoration for a Halloween party

Head in a jar:
This one is super easy to make and A LOT of fun. All you have to do is print a pic of a face on laminated paper (see here but you can also look online for different variations or create your own), then simply place the photo in a clear jar of water with food colouring. If you have a drink dispenser you can use punch or any drink and serve it to your guests.

Head in a jar used as prop for a Halloween party

Ghost candles:
Grab a pack of cheap battery tea lights, get some A4 paper, cut it in half, and wrap it around the tealight to make it look like a long candle. Get some white thread, stick it to the top of the tealight with some clear tape and hang it from the ceiling for a Harry Potter inspired haunted house look.

Floating candles used as prop for a Halloween party

You can literally never have too many cobwebs at a Halloween party! You can get them anywhere around this time of the year and just literally plaster them in every nook and cranny.

People tangled in cobwebs during a Halloween party



People usually bring their own drinks, however, any good host should have a few extra spirits (get it?) and some bloody good finger food (get it again?) to offer. But, since it’s Halloween, you can get creative and serve some spooky goodness. Here are some tips!

Eyeball punch:
The title says it all. Buy a pack of table tennis balls, draw on pupils with a marker and drop them into a punch bowl. Add some punch (check here for some fun recipes) et voilà.

Eyeball in a punch bowl makes a perfect drink for a Halloween party

Rice crispy brains:
Melt some marshmallows in the microwave, add some rice crispies and a couple of drops of red food dye. Mix up and with a tablespoon scoop out the portions, add a line down the middle for that brain realness look. Cool in the fridge for 20 minutes before serving with a nice bottle of Chianti.

Rice crisp brains, a classic treat for a Halloween party

Finger bangers:
Get a few hot dogs, cook them in the microwave. When done, cut each hot dog in half add some ketchup on the chopped end add an almond to each tip for nails. Talk about finger food?!

Hot dogs chopped fingers is a classic snack for a Halloween party

Meat face:
Take a cheap plastic mask, cover it with thin layers of parma ham. Cut a stuffed olive in half and place for eyeballs. Serve with crackers, ghoulish gouda and relish for extra-gory gory effect.

Meat platter shaped as a face, a classic snack for a Halloween party



No Halloween party is complete without some theme, here are three of our fav playlists.



And there you have it: you’re all set for a killer Halloween party!

Now before the dreaded task of cleaning up, why not ignore the mess and kick back with a few horror movies!

Got more tips? Let us know in the comments!

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