#NOTHIM: Another LGBT+ Murder Has Been Committed By Bolsonaro Supporters

In the past month at least 50 attacks related to Bolsonaro’s supporters were registered in the country.

Image Source: Bolsonaro compared to Hitler during a protest

During the last couple of months, Brazil has been in the mainstream news for all the wrong reasons. The country’s democracy is being threatened by the extreme right-wing, presidency candidate Jair Messias Bolsonaro, who has been compared to Trump and Hitler in his way of thinking and political strategies.

Bolsonaro’s manifesto goes against human rights and attacks the minorities, he is openly and proudly homophobic, he does not agree that women and men are equals, he is racist and against poor people.

Jair said on national TV that he would rather have his son a drug addict or dead than gay. He also said that he only had a daughter because he was too weak to make another man and that he will never agree that his family are related to Black or Native American people.

The biggest concern about the elections, more than one of the candidates himself, is the impact of his hate speech on the Brazilian population.

In fact, even though Brazil is the country that kills the most LGBT+ people in the world, it is getting worse and that is what is happening right now. Jair’s speech is giving ‘freedom’ to people to release their internal ignorance and hatred towards the minorities.

Stabbing, threats of rape, trampling, police violence and humiliation: a war scenario is happening on a daily basis, and supported by 47% of the voters.

Crime scene of the latest murder of a transgender woman in Sao Paulo

The most recent reported case was against a transgender woman in Sao Paulo last Tuesday, October 16. The woman, who was not identified, was stabbed by four men and died on the way to the hospital.

A witness, who does not want to have their name revealed, said that they saw the four men arguing and offending the woman, in front of a bar in the city centre, the attackers were screaming ‘Bolsonaro’ and ‘YesHim’ towards the victim who tried to escape.

She ran towards the security in a hotel and asked for help, her last words were ‘I am going to die’, and unfortunately the intolerance and hate has taken another victim.

Hugh Lane

Mr Bolsonaro is running on a tough-on-crime platform, but his critics say his language and reputation incite violence.

He has denied this. “I ask people to stop. But I don’t control them,” he said. “If a guy wearing one of my T-shirts goes too far, what can I do?”

The candidate hasn’t said anything to stop this from happening, even though he is aware of his influence in the country, it has just shown that nothing is totally bad until it gets worse.

The final round of the Brazilian elections is on October 28 as Bolsonaro takes on Haddad in the race for presidency.

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