Evvol Release New Music Video For 'Comfort Fit'

Evvol's music video comfort fit on the left, inspired by the calvin klein banned ads from the 90s on the right, where a man is ripping his shirt off on a step ladder

Inspired by banned Calvin Klein ads from the ’90s, here’s Evvol’s (more palatable) new video ‘Comfort Fit’

Pop duo Evvol have turned to the ’90s for inspiration for their newest music video for their track ‘Comfort Fit’.

Eerily reminiscent of the controversial banned Calvin Klein ads from the 1990s, the video for ‘Comfirt Fit’ was directed by Evvol’s Julie Chance, and serves as a means to explore comfort in the modern age.

“Shot on DV and inspired by the notoriously uncomfortable Calvin Klein jeans adverts from the mid ’90s, we wanted to create a video depicting our own community and exploring the idea of what comfort means to us,” Chance said.

“Filmed over a day in autumn, we invited a group of friends and acquaintances from Berlin to discuss what puts  them at ease, and equally what makes them feel awkward.”



Much like the ads from the ’90s the off-screen cameraperson (Julie Chance) asks provocative, leaning toward predatory, questions of the models who take centre stage in the video.

The Evvol video even goes as far as to use a wooden step ladder, just like the Calvin Klein ads.

There is something extremely voyeuristic in the Calvin Klein ads which has translated to the music video for ‘Comfort Fit’.

To be captivated by the candidness of the Evvol friends featured in the ‘Comfort Fit’ music video – and mildly perturbed by the fetishistic scopophilia that it engenders – click play below.



For reference, here’s a compilation of some of the banned Calvin Klein ads which inspired Evvol to create this music video for ‘Comfort Fit’.

If you’re like me, you might be especially creeped out by the probing questions of cameraman and fashion photographer Steven Meisel, whose deep voice screams ‘opportunistic’ and ‘inappropriate’.




How does the ‘Comfort Fit’ music video make you feel? Let us know in the comments below.


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