France Fines Twitter Users For Anti-Gay Hashtags


A French court has fined anti-gay Twitter users for using hashtags suggesting that all gay people should be murdered.


Three Twitter users were fined yesterday for homophobic tweets that included hashtags such as “#Lesgaysdoiventdisparaitrecar” which translated to English means “Gays Must Die Because.”

The case was brought to court after French LGBT charity Comité IDAHO complained about the offensive tweets, saying that users had “incited hatred and violence based on sexual orientation.” The three users were convicted in Paris, one facing a €300 fine, and the other two €500.

While some argued that the penalty was not enough, activists welcomed the ruling.

“It’s a significant victory,” Alexandre Marcel, president of the Comité Idaho, told French news source, The Local. “But it’s a small amount to pay for calling for the death of homosexuals.”

The gay rights watchdog group, SOS Homophobie,were also happy with the outcome.

“We’re positive that this will send out the message that the Internet is not a place with no rules where you can do whatever you want,” said Yohann Roszewitch, president of the association.

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