Twitter thread lists fundraisers for Trans and non-binary people in Ireland seeking gender-affirming treatment

A Twitter thread lists fundraisers for Trans and non-binary people seeking financial assistance for gender-affirming treatment.

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There are many people across Ireland seeking gender-affirming treatment, aftercare, and general aid. Studies show the importance of this treatment for Transgender and non-binary individuals. Standford University School of Medicine shares the benefits of teens receiving early treatment.

“Gender-affirming hormone treatment with estrogen or testosterone can help bring a Transgender person’s physical characteristics in line with their gender identity,” the statement reads.

Unfortunately, Trans healthcare in Ireland is still a national emergency. In response to the ongoing healthcare crisis, the Youth Work sector has recently signed an open letter demanding action for Trans and non-binary people. Gender-related healthcare services are in urgent need, especially for youth living in Ireland.

Ireland does not offer most of the treatment and aid these individuals are seeking, forcing them to travel abroad. With the prices of treatment already very expensive, adding on the cost of travel expenses makes it nearly impossible for many. Because of this, many Trans and non-binary people are setting up fundraisers or taking out loans to receive treatment.

A recent Twitter thread is sharing the stories of many who are seeking financial assistance for their medical care. The thread includes a Linktree list of several fundraisers for Trans and non-binary people seeking donations for help with their gender affirmation surgery.

Trans and non-binary folks can also contact the admin of the list to ask to have their fundraisers added to it.

Below are some of the people raising funds for their gender affirmation healthcare and their stories.


Nico Rylands image

Nico is a Transmasculine animation student living in Dublin. As a student, he does not have the financial means to receive top surgery. In addition to surgical and treatment costs, he will need to travel to Turkey to receive it. Overcoming gender dysphoria will help improve his confidence and mental health. His GoFundMe page will help him with the overwhelming financial burden.

Nico also shares the difficulties that many Trans and non-binary people experience with the National Gender Service.

“It’s a well-known fact within the Trans community in Ireland, that the National Gender Service is a practice not fit for purpose. It relies on a battery of often inappropriate psychological screening that requires having your parent/guardian there to ‘verify’ your transness, even having to listen in on sexual questions that many are not comfortable discussing with parents there – and yes, even if you are an adult. It’s incredibly infantilising and inappropriate, and if you do not comply, you can risk losing your only chance in this country to access gender affirmation healthcare. Oh, and the waitlist is 3-5 years long,” he said.


Image of Arya Morrigan

Arya is a Transgender woman in Northern Ireland and plans to receive bottom surgery in London. For over 2 years, they have been an active member of the Trans community. Receiving this surgery will help finalise the medical side of the gender affirmation surgery. Overall, financial support will help them overcome their genital dysphoria and improve their mental health. Donations can be made here.

“Honestly, UK Trans healthcare is incredibly dehumanising and stressful,” they said.


GoFundMe fundraiser page for Victor.

Victor is a Transmasculine person seeking financial assistance for their top surgery. They plan to travel to Madrid to receive this surgery; however, the medical and travel costs total €8,500. Consider supporting Victor’s fundraiser and helping them receive the care they are hoping for here.

“As a Transgender person, dysphoria significantly impacts my life in a negative way. My chest feels like a foreign object attached to me which is weighing me down more and more every day. While I have great support from my loved ones in terms of my mental and emotional health, my dysphoria still has a hugely negative impact on my life. It has become a lot less manageable in the last few years, but only now am I in a position to pursue this life-changing procedure,” Victor said.


Photo of Callum in graduation cap and gown, he is seeking financial assistance for treatment.

Lastly, we have Callum who is a survivor of a Transphobic attack in 2021 which left him with broken ribs. Because of this, he is unable to bind his chest, making everyday life much more difficult. Receiving this treatment is urgent for Callum so he can mentally recover from his attack and feel more confident. He is asking for financial assistance to cover treatments and plans to cover the travel and prescription expenses himself. His GoFundMe can be found here.

You can find more info on the individual fundraisers for Trans and non-binary folks and ways you can support them here.

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