Game Character Changed After Being Labelled "Too Sexy"


A video game character in the popular Final Fantasy franchise has been changed after fans complained that he is “too sexy”.


*insert eye-roll here*

The new game Mevius Final Fantasy was previewed by diehard fans in December, with some complaining about his “skimpy” attire that showed his chest, back and hips to players.

Since then the production company behind Mevius Final Fantasy, Square Enix, has revealed an updated version of the game since its initial reveal in December, with Wal – the main character – wearing decidedly more clothes.

During the most recent presentation, the game’s producer, Yoshinori Kitase, said, “After we released the screenshots in December, we looked at the various reactions we were getting online, and in the end, showing this much skin…”

“It’s kind of sexy…” added Asuna, the sole female presenter, “A little too sexy.”

The designers remodelled the character after a number of complaints from their – clearly – male, heterosexual audience, and added panels to his costume to cover most of his body.

“For this game, we’re moving forward during development and letting it evolve while taking into consideration users’ opinions, so I asked the character designer to make a change,” he told Rocket News.

“If enough people say they like those hip-lines, then we might bring the original costume back,” he added.

This is all in spite of Square Enix’s female gaming protagonists from games such as Drakengard 3, Final Fantasy X/X2 and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris looking like this:

But, you know, if women complain about female representation, they are prudes…

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