Madonna Finally Debut's 'Ghosttown' Video

madonna ghosttown

Madonna has released the video for her new single ‘Ghosttown’ and it’s weirdly wonderful.


From her latest album Rebel Heart, Ghosttown is a belting ballad that is catchy as hell, with a video that is as over-the-top and ridiculous as you would expect from Madonna.

Yesterday it was announced that new video app Meerkat would be the first to debut the video for Madonna’s new song, before linking to Youtube and Twitter and whatever other social media app she can get her hands on.

Like all great things, the video begins with the detonation of atomic bombs in a number of the world’s biggest cities – obviously – while her room looks like an abandoned dressing room straight out of a Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera.

For some reason we can’t exactly understand, she’s also wearing a fabulous cape and top hat to go trawl through the wreckage that once was the USA.

Then Madonna flips her hair around while running away from an unnoticed Terrence ‘Baby Wipes‘ Howard who is holding a gun; before he soon, and inexplicably, angry-salsas with her.


Watch the madness below:

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