Who Are The Gay And Straight Celebrities Advocating Repeal?

Repeal campaigning has reached a fever pitch as both sides head for the final furlong in what has been a bitterly fought contest. We gathered up a collection of posts from your favourite celebrities calling for repeal.

influencers stand outside Maser's repeal wall

With little less than a day before polling stations open in what has been one of the most contentious referendums in our history, the celebrities have taken to their preferred battlegrounds (social media networks) in order to make the case for Repeal.

We’ve lined up a broad range of tweets from Repeal  supporters and it’s not just the usual suspects either it’s a veritable mixed bag of Irish life underlying the success the repeal  side has had in engaging cross-sections of society to abolish the restrictive amendment.

The Queer community has been out in force, having long ago linked our own oppression with the broader oppression of women, Everybody from Panti, David Norris to Graham Norton have put out tweets in support of repealing the legislation. David Norris directly linking this struggle to the struggle for LGBT+ equality.

The Taoiseach posted a video urging his followers to get on board and support the Repeal side

The straight celebrities have not been resting on their laurels either; Courtney Cox, U2 and Vogue Williams are just some of those calling on you top support removing the 8th.

This day three years the Queer community rejoiced on a day in May when we finally bought a broad enough coalition together to say Yes to love and No to intolerance. Hopefully, when the votes are counted on Saturday we can all join together in celebrating another major victory in bringing Ireland forward.


U.s Pop star Pink has also gotten in on the act…



Former Friends star Courtney Cox has also been posting supportive messages alongside the video from actors for Yes!

Hozier criticised our tendency to export problems saying: “Because continuing to export the issue puts at risk the health and welfare of 12 people each day. Because the 8th prevents nothing but the safety and dignity of our citizens. Because such a lack of compassion to those in a crisis is not the Ireland I believe in.”


U2 no strangers to political controversy have also urged their fans to support the yes vote

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