GayToDo - A Guide To LGBT+ Events And Happenings

GayToDo, a website promising a comprehensive guide to queer happenings throughout Ireland has been launched with an aim to bring the LGBT+ community together.

An image to publicise the events website GayToDo of Dublin's Samuel Beckett Bridge at night, the multicoloured lights of the city reflected in the Liffey
Image: Photo by Mark Dalton

The only thing more diverse than our community is our range of interests. If only there was somewhere with a comprehensive list of all the groups, happenings, clubs and events which would be of interest to LGBT+ people. You know where this is going. GayToDo is a website which aims to do all of that and more.

Describing itself as a one-stop-shop for LGBT+ happenings across Ireland, it lists every upcoming event of relevance to the queer community. For those worried only nightlife and the bar scene will get a look in, never fear, sports clubs, societies and booze-less events also feature.

For many new to the scene, or indeed just looking for something fresh, trying to meet people outside of the pub or dating apps can be tricky, especially if you’re not looking to date. For all these reasons and more, GayToDo is a welcome breath of fresh air. Saying all that though, there are plenty on the scene who love a good night out, and there’s info on socialising too.

At the moment, all happenings fall under four headings – Cork, Dublin, Belfast and the Rest of Ireland – so you can find out what’s going on outside your county as well, maybe giving you a little inspiration for a weekend getaway. If you had friends planning a visit, this would be a perfect recommendation for them to make the most of their trip.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering – this is how in-depth they intend to go: “Full details are provided on all events such as maps, directions, tickets, price range, payment options, parking and the organiser’s details.” 

They also welcome contact from voluntary LGBT+ Ireland sports and social clubs or fundraising events looking to make contact with the community. With an aim “to spread the love and foster a spirit of greater communication and togetherness,” GayToDo is definitely worth a click.

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