Graham Norton Reveals Why His Relationships Are Usually Unequal

Graham Norton laughing with a beard

“All men have a little bit of alpha in them” says Graham Norton


Irish talkshow host Graham Norton has revealed why he will always come before his boyfriend in a relationship and why he’s not going to be removing alcohol from his life, even though he is “borderline alcoholic.”

In Woman magazine, Norton explained his complicated love life: “My relationships are always unequal.”

“For starters, my diary will always take precedence over a boyfriend’s,” Norton said.


Top Priority

“If someone’s office Christmas party clashes with a TV recording night, I’m not cancelling that to go to your stupid office party.”

“If I’ve got two months off and he’s a surgeon with life-saving surgery to do, I’d be like, ‘For God’s sake, it’s the only time I can go on holiday.”

“You see the problem. All men have a little bit of alpha in them and aren’t wired to be the plus one.”


Borderline Alcoholic

Norton also explained his love affair with alcohol: “I am very open about who I am. I am borderline alcoholic,”

“I prefer my life with alcohol – and I don’t feel I have to explain that because it’s not like I have a niche interest,”  the host of BBC’s The Graham Norton Show said.

Graham had previously declared that he wanted to “live alone for the rest of [his] life”, but had signed up to Tinder at the age of 52.

Although Graham Norton is one of the highest paid TV presenters in the UK, he had also received criticism from gay people for being too camp, which makes him sad.

Graham Norton’s self-centred relationship with his boyfriends and his admittedly troublesome relationship with alcohol are sure to throw potential love interests off this successful presenter.

If you saw him on Tinder, would you let these transgressions slide and swipe right?

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