5 awesome horror films featuring queer women

Need to get in gear for Halloween? Check out this list of five awesome films featuring queer female leads to get yourself in the spooky spirit.

Two queer women, one carrying a lantern with blood splattered on her face in a canoe at night.
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Most iconic horror films don’t explicitly tell stories that belong to queer women. Aside from the 1970s lesbian vampire trope, for decades, most LGBTQ+ representation in film was reduced to queer-coded subtexts. Even so, the horror genre has always been a beacon for queer audiences, with loads of horror movies exploring otherness and resistance to societal norms in a way that nods to marginalised experiences.

LGBTQ+ visibility was effectively eliminated from Hollywood when The Production Code mandated certain ‘moral standards’ that censored queer films. Thankfully, this code was abandoned in the late 1960s, and over time, queer writers and directors have been able to tell their stories outside the boundaries of monster metaphors.

So, to celebrate this, here are five modern horror films that feature queer women characters:

Women Who Kill (2016)
This plot screams lesbian stereotypes. After their break-up, exes Morgan and Jean maintain their connection by co-hosting a true crime podcast about female murderers. When Jean gradually begins to suspect that Morgan’s new dating interest could be a serial killer, the horror comedy plot thickens. This film has been described as unpredictable and the “best lesbian horror-comedy ever“.

Jennifer’s Body (2009)
The deep connection between Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried’s characters in Jennifer’s Body is one of the reasons this movie has a queer following. Jennifer heartlessly kills all of her male victims, but she chooses to keep Needy (Amanda Seyfried) alive. This film has loads of familiar horror tropes including demons, revenge kills, and vampire lesbians, and, best of all, queer sexual tension that was written for women. This film has strong feminist tones and the protagonist literally uses her demonic powers to eat men.


What Keeps You Alive (2018)
What Keeps You Alive follows a lesbian couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary with a weekend away in a mountain cabin. Jackie’s mood is unusual, and her wife, Jules, gradually becomes more and more suspicious about her behaviour. Ultimately, this leads to a cat-and-mouse style fight for survival that doesn’t shy away from slayer gore. This heart-pounding psycho-drama speaks to the fear of not truly knowing the person you love the most and effectively breaks gender expectations.

Thelma (2017)
Thelma is a supernatural thriller about a young woman who is struggling with health issues and beginning her first year of college. While adjusting to being away from her family, she is also falling in love for the first time and figuring out her sexuality. Full of unpleasant childhood flashbacks, this coming-of-age thriller features a powerful young queer woman lead with a story that is both captivating and empowering.

Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)
Bodies Bodies Bodies is a newly released horror comedy that centers around queer women protagonists. The film follows a group of wealthy Gen-Z friends to a party in a mansion. They decide to play a murder mystery game that quickly evolves into a slasher horror comedy as friends start to disappear.

While we’re all guilty of watching any film that features queer characters, these ones in particular have excellent casts, unpredictable plots, and authentic jump scares. Grab some popcorn and enjoy spooky season with these horror films featuring fearless queer women.

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