Hot First Dates Ireland Guy Doesn't Split Bill, Viewers Are Irked

Another First Dates scandelo for you on a Wednesday, this time over a pair of daters and an un-split bill.


Last night’s First Dates Ireland featured yet another gay couple who – spoiler alert! – didn’t end up together, and who managed to infuriate the viewing public in the process.

The episode featured adorable Jamie (originally from Wales), who won viewers hearts after describing his horrendous experiences at the hands of bullies after coming out at 16.

“I came out at a time when it wasn’t the done thing to do. I got queer-bashed quite a few times as well,” Jamie told his date, Anthony.

“I used to stand there and laugh and ask them to hit me harder, because in my head, if I am standing there laughing at you and asking you for more, you are not hurting me, I am just making you look stupid.”

So far, so adorbz, right? Jamie, a 35 year-old restaurant manager was paired with handsome Canadian Anthony and things seemed to be going pleasantly enough, until the bill came.

At this point, Jamie turned full Prince Galahad-meets-Christian Gray and paid the bill, after which Anthony confessed to not being interested in a second date. ‘NICE TIMING, TONY!’ screamed viewers on Twitter:

“So the Canadian lad gets the Welsh lad to pay for dinner and then says ‘no’ to a second date.” wrote Tommy Dunne. “Cheap ass Canadian.”

Another Twitter user, Ellen Smith, wrote: “Why let someone pay for your dinner when you’re going to say you’d just like to stay friends? What kind of friends buy you a €60 dinner? I need new friends.”

However, everything worked out in the end, and Jamie – like every queer person to appear on the show – ended up hooking up with someone else afterwards.

Is appearing on First Dates Ireland the new Tinder? Everyone who goes on it ends up in a relationship afterwards, it seems – just not with people they’re paired with in front of the camera.

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