Homophobic Video Is Warning Russian Public The 'Dangers Of Not Voting'

In the run-up to the Russian presidential election, the homophobic video has been shared to help boost voter turnout.

Russia releases video, pictured is a man in a pink t-shirt holding a banana

A Russian advertisement has gone viral in which a man is experiencing a nightmare where a gay man lives in his home and he is drafted into the military all because he didn’t vote in the presidential election.

The homophobic and xenophobic viral video has been watched by millions social media since Friday and stars professional actors who say they do not know who ordered the video.

Opposition journalist believes that the video was produced by the election committee or by Vladimir Putin’s campaign team.

This is in response to the opposition figurehead, Alexei Navalny, urging voters to boycott the election claiming that it is rigged.

It is set on the morning of the election, March 17, and in the first scene, his wife set the alarm clock so she can make sure she gets up to vote on time. “As if they won’t elect someone without you,” he says.

He then wakes from his sleep to knocks on the door from military men who have come to conscript him into the army. “I’m 52,” he says, to which they reply, “Excellent. The conscription age has been increased to 60.”

He then enters the kitchen to find a man with tattoos sitting at the kitchen table.

“Who’s this?” the man asks his wife. “I’m a gay on a homestay,” the gay man replies. “The law is the law,” he says as he bites seductively into a banana.

He then wakes up from his dream to find he is in bed with the man. He then wakes up again to find it was all a dream. He urges his wide to come to the polling stations to vote “before it’s too late!”


An opposition website has accused the video’s producers of trying to scare Russians into voting by playing into the widespread homophobia in Russian society,

One of the opposition candidates in the presidential election Ksenia Sobchak is a liberal journalist who has spoken out in favour of LGBT rights. Sobchak called the video an “incitement to hatred” against Russia’s LGBT community. “In my opinion, we can laugh about anyone. About Hitler and about gays. But to expose LGBT people to a threat in a homophobic country, this is no joke.”

A spokesperson for Russia’s election committee said it has nothing to do with the video. Putin’s campaign team have yet to comment.

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