Hot Reels: September Movie Previews

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 September sees the release of some excellent movies, including Irish efforts ‘A Date For Mad Mary’ and ‘The Young Offenders’.


Kicking off the month in fine style is homegrown A Date for Mad Mary (September 2), winner of the Audience Award at this year’s GAZE festival.

The story follows the eponymous Mary upon her completion of a six-month prison stretch for a vicious assault. Returning to her home town of sunny Drogheda, Mary sets about rekindling her friendship with soon-to-be married ex-bessie Charlene.

However, Charlene has outgrown Mary, as evidenced by her increasingly distant demeanor and her refusal give Mary a plus-one to the wedding. Unable to face her friend’s rejection, and desperate to prove her worth, Mary sets about find a date for the wedding.

After a parade of laughable losers she encounters lovely chanteuse Jess and a ray of hope penetrates her wounded warrior ways. Prepare for the feels, viewers.



And there’s another Irish film on offer this month (yay!), The Young Offenders (September 16), this one inspired by Ireland’s largest cocaine seizure (off the Cork coast) in 2007.

The action centres on inner-city ne’er do wells Jock and Connor, typical Garda-baiting, bum fluff-sporting rascally teens.

When a boat carrying 61 bales of cocaine capsizes off the coast, the lads, hearing that one bale – worth €7 million– is missing, head to West Cork to find the mislaid coke.

But things are very seldom straight-forward when there’s a massive brick of cocaine involved and soon the lads and their supporting cast (featuring Naked Camera’s PJ Gallagher and Republic of Telly’s Hilary Rose) find themselves in some deep water. The gowls! Go see it and support Irish film.



Ostensibly a parody of emotionally-manipulative Disney Pixar flicks, Seth Rogan’s Sausage Party (September 20) gets a long-awaited release this month.

Rude, crude and full of epicurean entendres, Sausage Party centres on the anthropomorphic foodstuffs (voiced by Seth Rogan, Kristen Wiig and a host of others) in a supermarket as they alternate between longing to be picked up by a shopper and carried off to the Great Beyond, and longing to have sex with each other.

This is a sexually-charged supermarket – sort of like the Spar on Parliament Street of a Saturday evening.

Anyway, after learning the truth about what really happens to them once they’re carted off by the shoppers – peeled, sliced, roasted and consumed – outraged Frankfurter Frank (Rogan) sets off on a quest for answers. Despite favourable comparisons, it’s no Team America but indiscriminate fans of silly stoner fare will no doubt enjoy it.



This piece originally appeared in GCN 321, September 2016, which you can read online here.

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