Irish LGBT Community Asked To Support 'Diel' Andrade's Funeral Costs

Diel Andrade pictured smiling, with his name, love hearts and his birthday and the day he passed away

Following the death of ‘Diel’ Andrade, his friends and LGBT family in Dublin are reaching out to help cover funeral costs


Following the death of ‘Diel’ Andrade on Monday 15 June 2016, friends of the deceased have asked for help in raising funds to assist in dealing with funeral costs.

The funds raised will aid in transporting his ashes back to Brazil, where the young man was originally from.

As it stands, people have donated almost €2,000, with a total goal of €5,000. After covering funeral and transportation costs, the remaining money will be used to give ‘Diel’s family some financial assistance. Donations can be made here.


The Perfect Send Off

The donations page set up by Euler Paiva reads:

As many of you may know, our beautiful friend ‘Diel’ Andrade passed away on Monday 15th August 2016. Many of you have wanted to be involved in helping out his family and loved ones.

We as an LGBT family here in Dublin have come together and put this donation link up and would really appreciate any help that you could possibly give, to ensure that all funeral costs are covered.

We also want to send his ashes back home to Brazil, to his final resting place, along with some financial assistance for his family.

Now it’s time for us to stand together and see that ‘Diel’ gets the perfect send off that he deserves and for his family to be proud of his friends and loved ones here in Ireland and know that he was loved whilst living here.


Shocked and Struggling

‘Diel’ Andrade was a member of the Dublin LGBT family, with Panti Bliss sharing Euler’s post on Facebook with the following words:

“This young Brazilian man, a member of the LGBTI community who was living in Dublin, passed away a couple of weeks ago, leaving his friends here and family at home shocked and struggling to cover the funeral expenses.

“I didn’t know him myself, but I know many of his friends. If you would like to help, you can do so at the link,” Panti said.



Support services are available for anyone affected by ‘Diel’s death, including Gay Switchboard Ireland which can be reached by phone, chat or email, Bereavement Ireland, and Pieta House.

For those who knew ‘Diel’ we would like to extend our sincere condolences.

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