Irish Printing Company Refused To Print Gay Wedding Invitations

Someone holding up a card that says no same-sex couples with two grooms and two brides crossed out, like Beulah Print the Irish printing company who refused to print wedding invitations for same-sex couples

Beulah Print refused to print wedding invitations for a woman’s same-sex wedding


Beulah Print, a Drogheda based printing company, has refused to print the wedding invitations for a same-sex wedding, citing religious grounds for their decision.

The customer who was refused service took to Facebook to explain the situation: “Went into a wedding shop to get invitations done, so excited going in! I was giving details to the guy and then he soon realised I was gay.

“He said sorry you can’t get invitations done here as I have my own beliefs. WOW. I thought this country had moved on from that.”

Co-owner Noel Tuite confirmed that a woman came into their office to enquire about printing wedding invitations yesterday and he declined to provide her service.

“It is true,” Tuite said. “We declined to print the invitations.”

“We are Christians. It was on grounds of our faith.”

This, however, is not an isolated incident for the Drogheda based Beulah Print.


Bible-Believing Christians

Last year, the company came under fire from the public when they refused to cater to the same-sex civil-partnership of Jonathon Brennan and his partner based on their religious beliefs.

In reply to a post from Jonathon Brennan, Beulah Print confirmed their stance as “Bible-believing Christians” as a means of backing up the refusal to provide service for a same-sex civil partnership.

“We, at Beulah Print, are Bible-believing Christians who are committed to standing by our conscience and God’s Word.”

“We are not against homosexuals however, we do not support same sex marriage, which printing wedding invitations would do.”

In Brennan’s original post he said: “I am absolutely discussed [disgusted] with the treatment I am after receiving from Beulahprint in Drogheda.”

“I have given them my business for over 4 years and when I asked them to design my wedding invitations he refused as himself and his business partner don’t believe in same-sex civil marriage partnerships and homosexuality and they are ‘devoted Christians’.”

Another co-founder of the printing company, Mike O’Leary, told BBC last year that he did not agree with a gay “agenda or lifestyle” and that he objected to same-sex marriage.

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